Making of LLemMings

A better guitar (but well, just better...)

ChatGPT: 3 prompts below

>>> Prompt:
Think about some tricks to synthetically generate a realistic sounding guitar using
javascript and audio context, without using samples. Be sure to give it a bit of fade-out.

Now give me the code to play a few notes so I can test how it sounds.

>>> Prompt:
>>> Human: Yes, this gave us a better guitar than we had. So, there we have it.
Using javascript and audio context, I want the sound of a very realistic piano. With
ploink sound (when hammer hits string), fade-out, fourier tranform, attack, decay,
sustain and release, fourier transform, simulated physical modeling synthesis, the whole sha-bang.

I know it's a complex task, rest assured I know how to make a basic piano, so give me
the most advanced implementation you can come up with.

I am not able to use any pre-recorded samples.

Function should look like this: function createPianoNoteBuffer(note, octave, duration)

Give me the code to play a few notes so I can test it.

I don't need explanation of the code this time.

>>> Prompt:
Add reverb and delay to this function, it should be automatically
generated (not using samples). Make it configurable arguments so
that the function will look like this:

createGuitarNoteBuffer(frequency, duration, reverb, delay).