Making of LLemMings

Floating Combat Text

ChatGPT: prompt below

Human changes to scaling of canvas and how we update 'external'

>>> Prompt:
Given javascript and 2D canvas. Give me a floating combat text implementation for a game.

Each text should:
- move upwards on screen
- shrink
- fade out
- animate the above using cubic interpolation

- combat text instances should never overlap on the Y axis, a new one should always be placed
under any previous combat text
- All code should be in a class or a function and any init should be done in init(canvas).
- Add a cleanUp() function which frees any resources
- Wrap all related code into:
var LlemmingsFCT = (function () {
... code here ...
return {
init : init,
update : update,
cleanUp : cleanUp,
spawnCombatText : spawnCombatText, // give all arguments sane defaults (start at middle of screen etc)
- There are already things drawn on the canvas, so do not clear it (with rect or other means)

Animation is done with update() which is called every frame (this is already implemented),
you can assume that it is called 60 frames per second, but use delta-time (milliseconds).

You may not use any 3rd party dependencies.

This time I don't need an explanation, just give me code.