Making of LLemMings

This is the story that created Llemmings, a game created by Large Language Models. These pages are generated from the commit history, which contain all the prompts that created the game.

Currently there is only the intro screen and one level. There is a rough level editor if you want to take a stab at creating levels.

Exploration and findings

What I wanted to explore and now really like about this project is how every commit comes with a very detailed intention of the code; the prompt. I can definitely see how a prompt-chain over time will be able to assist in interesting ways when it comes to the life-cycle of a software project.

Other things this small project was to illustrate:
- How well large language models can generate code
- How to prompt large language models with limited context windows
- Explore ways to organize said prompts

Prompts are very close to specifications -- a technical specification will be able to create complete software projects in the very near future.

Smaller software projects might become so cheap to make that you do not care about code-quality or maintainability at all. You will just care about keeping the prompts around and updated.

Prompt notes

If a prompt is prefixed with "Human:", it means that the commit contain all or mostly glue written by a human.

Prompts in the code are referenced in code comments that looks something like this: >>> Prompt ... All prompts are found in the folder 'instructions'. For prompts that belong only to the level editor, you can find them in 'editor/instructions/'.

Some prompts at the very start were sadly lost. They did not generate that much code, as can be seen if you look at the commits (link at bottom of each page).

Joakim Romland, 17-May-2023

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