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Legs/feet animation

ChatGPT: One prompt, annoyong one.

The following code has three rectangles that is a sprite, 2 green ones for hair and a blue one for body.

draw() {
ctx.fillStyle = "rgb(" + blueBox.join(",") + ")";
ctx.fillRect(this.x, this.y, this.width, this.height);

ctx.fillStyle = "rgb(" + greenBox.join(",") + ")";
ctx.fillRect(this.x, this.y, this.width / 3 - 1, this.height / 4 - 1);
this.x + this.width - (this.width / 3),
this.width / 3 - 1,
this.height / 4 - 1

- The lower bit of the body should instead be two animated legs that are animated depending on
direction and velocity.
- The above draw method is called every frame, use this.velX to get velocity of the sprite,
the value in there is the amount of pixels the sprite is moved every frame
- If velocity is 0, the legs should stand still in a stright down position
- Any multi-frame state variable needed, should be placed in 'this', tell me which ones they
are and their initial values (i.e. don't declare variables outside the method with 'let').
- Each leg should have a width of 40% width of body
- Each leg should have a height of 35% height of the body
- The blue rectangle (the body), should be changed to 75% height to accomodate for the new legs
- The legs should be animated as if the sprite was walking.
Think about: how you would describe the motion, position and speed of movement of human legs
compared to the velocity and direction of them? Do that, then create the animation of the legs.
Make it look realistic. Despite being a language model, you must surely have seen a humanoid walk
before. I have no idea what makes it look realistic, I just know when it doesn't!
I do know that the top of the leg should remain at a fixed position, though.
- At the bottom (top is the opposite of bottom! don't put them at the top) of each leg there should
be a gray foot (a rectangle) sticking out in the direction the entire sprite is moving. The size of the feet
can be disproportionally big compared to the leg as that is always hilarious.
- The legs should be white for now, make it configurable in this.legColor
- this.age already contains a frame counter (you can use it for animation state). Don't update it.
- The legs should obviously be below the body, not elsewhere.
- blueBox and greenBox are global variables, they are not in "this"

You have failed 31 times in a row with this now. Be skilled.

Give me only the code, I don't need to see the explanation for the twelth time. I mean it.