Making of LLemMings

Morphing text effect

ChatGPT: this took quite a while to get right, but fine!

The purpose of it all is to show e.g. "Game over" or level objectives

>>> Prompt: ChatGPT -- this is pretty specific. My first attempt of this prompt let me down big-time,
the hope there was to get something generic that I could easily reuse without having to
re-render the bitmap for every string. Fine. Future.

Using Javascript, create a temporary canvas, write "GAME OVER" on it. Iterate over all pixels of the
canvas and note down the position of all pixels that are set.

Now, on a cleared canvas, take all pixels and put them at a random location along the border of
the canvas. Now animate them so that they fly from a random location along the border of the canvos
and random magnitude to re-create the original GAME OVER string. Every pixel should always head in the
direction of its destination -- THAT is NOT random.

For performance reasons, don't use fillRect (etc), but instead use raw pixel manipulation like:
... ctx.createImageData(canvas.width, canvas.height)
... set positions of all pixels
... put typed array back with ctx.putImageData(...)

You can treat the pixels as a type of particle system, but instead of fading out the particles
they stay put.

Use requestAnimationFrame for the frame update.

Give me the code, I don't need an explanation this time.