Making of LLemMings

"Rule engine" for level solutions

ChatGPT: Code-shuffling and a prompt below.

Removed debug code for testing the various lemming types and tied it to
levels instead. This means the game can provide (partial) hints/solutions
to solving levels. It is mostly shuffling a lot of code around and
tweaking what was there.

There is now one level with one solution, and it has revealed several
bugs in Builder/Basher. Onwards.

>>> Prompt:
Given an object with conditions like the following:
conditions : [
"velX > 0",
"age < 100"
Give me a function called matchesCondition(conditions, lemming), this function should
check whether the property velX is greater than 0 and age is less than 100.
Note that the values checked against are integers. There can be more than
two arguments and there can also be other types of operators.