Making of LLemMings

Make Llemmings logo consistent between browsers

ChatGPT: Prompt below

Well, this was a big bummer, and I had no idea this was the case:
Rendering text on a canvas is an issue due to the font-rendering engines
in various browsers. The text will look different and be positioned
differently everywhere.

The work-around here was to have the editor render the text to a bitmap,
then store the bitmap (one bit, one color) in a base64 encoded string in
the intro level. Then render that bitmap.

This whole thing is a bit hacky and, like the text object in editor, is
largely hardcoded (since it'll likely only be used once). :/

>>> Prompt:
Given Javascript and HTML canvas and the following snippet:

ctx.font = shape.fontSize + "px " + shape.fontName;
ctx.fillStyle = shape.color;
ctx.textBaseline = shape.textBaseline;
ctx.fillText(shape.string, lastX, lastY);

Render this to a temporary 800x600 canvas using a single color.

Based on this, create an array of BITS for all pixels that should be set.
Each pixel can be a single bit since it will always be a single color.

Use the bounds of the text as the size of the bitmap. Ignore everything
before and after these positions on both X and Y axis as it is a waste of space.
Just remember that for that to work when re-rendering this, each line
(on X axis) must be of the same length.

Again, as we want to minimize the size this will take, it's important that it's
_bits_, I want 8 pixels per byte. You need to do bit-twiddling/fiddling.

Name the function: generateTextBitmap(...) and return a structure like this:
width : ...,
data : flat-sequence-of-bits (probably base-64 encoded)

In addition, give me the function to render above structure at a later stage.
For this function, don't use fillRect, set pixels directly using getImageData
and putImageData. Name this function renderBitmap(bitmap, context, x, y) .

This time I don't need any explanation, just give me the code.