Making of LLemMings

Passable basher


Debugging is needed (especially miner/digger). This commit is done
because I need to rip up some things all over the place; mainly:
moving all prompts away from the code. It's too much.

>>> Prompt:
We are making a game with lemmings. There are three similar types of lemmings:
- Basher - The Basher will when encountering an obstacle it cannot traverse, instead of turning
around, carve a tunnel in front of it (velocity on Y should be ignored). That is, clear pixels
on the background. The height of the tunnel is the same as the height of the lemming.
- Digger - The Digger works almost the same, except that it will not wait for an obstacle before
it starts digging. It will immediately start digging straight down (ignore x velocity). The hole
it digs is a few pixels wider than the lemming.
- Miner - The Miner works almost the same as the Digger, the only difference is that it will dig
a tunnel diagonally downwards, in the direction it was walking. The size of the tunnel it is
digging is 150% of the height of the lemming.

They all need to be on the ground to be able to dig.

A lemming that has started digging is done digging when it no longer found anything to dig, it should
then be a normal lemming again (set action to null). Remember that the basher is slightly different
in that it will not start digging immediately, but only when it first runs into an obstacle.

Remember that they dig a little bit every frame (make it configurable how much, no instant tunnels),
they all dig at pace of around 20% of the normal walking pace.

All diggers should look-ahead by 3 pixels (use a const LOOK_AHEAD) to see if there is a wall, and
also clear 3 pixels in front of them. This so they are able to move through their tunnel to continue
digging. When they are actually digging they should never turn around.

This is parts of the Lemming (object):

... <> ...

- You can find out what type a lemming is in the "action" property.
- Clear a pixel with clearPixel(x, y)
- The lemming.x/y/velX/velY are often doubles. Whenever you work with or,
make sure the indices are ints.
- Use functions you already added: getPixelColor(imageData, x, y),
pixelIsColor(imageData, x, y, color) and
getPixelIndex(x, y, width).
Do bounds checking (canvas.width/height) before using those functions.
- Don't ever use ctx.getImageData() or ctx.putImageData(), it's handled elsewhere.
- Reuse functions where possible. If you use functions that are not in the snippet above, give me those
as well.
- I suggest you make a new function to handle the different diggers, e.g.: startDigging(lemming), it should
probably return a boolean to indicate whether the lemming dug this frame or not.
- Make as much as possible configurable with consts.
- You don't need to give me lemming's update function, it calls startDigging() if a lemming is of correct type

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