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Passable water texture

ChatGPT: prompt + notes below

>>> Prompt:
Generate and apply a detailed water texture using javascript and canvas.
The water should look realistic and have multiple shades of blue.

Only apply the texture to a pixel if this already defined variable is
true: APPLYWATER, as there is already existing things on the canvas
that should remain there.

Variables 'canvas' and 'ctx' are already defined, use them.

You cannot use any external dependencies (not even images). There is
a Perlin Noise function, it's used like this:
let noiseValue = PerlinNoise2D(x / someVar, y / someVar);

Give me code, no explanations.

replace APPLYWATER with:
if(!isColorOneOf(getPixelColor(oldImgData, x, y), waterColorBytes)) continue;